WriteMyEssayOnline.com is a new writing service on the market. This company needs to improve a lot of things on their website as now it sometimes simply drives you crazy. Let’s see the main characteristics of the company to find out whether you should order any writing there. Below is WriteMyEssayOnline review for you.

General Impression

I would start with their website. It seems quite nice. The design is neutral, but it’s enough for the writing service. The website doesn’t bring any systematic design. You have to look for the ways to find out the information.

writemyessayonline.com reviewFor example, you cannot find any separate list of the papers they provide. You can see them only if you open the order form. There you will find all the standard range of papers, such as academic or creative writing and so on.

The testimonials which are shown on the website don’t seemlike real. Have you ever seen all the testimonials with 10 of the 10 marks and the most positive comments? I would believe at least to 8 or 9 out of 10 grades. And I am sue they also have some fails.

It must be the only positive feature of the website that the company has a really good blog. It may concern different questions, such as the most appropriate colleges or the most effective techniques of studies, etc.

Price Level

You may not see at once what the problem is, but you cannot see the prices. There is simply no page like that on the website. I’ve tried to find it in the order form but it didn’t help. If I don’t know the prices then how do I know that I can order my papers there?

I’ve registered on the website and the company began to spam me with their letters. I was already irritated quite a lot, but I decided to study the service completely and I ordered my trial paper.

You will know the prices only when you are in the process of preordering and writers make you their offers. Moreover, the company doesn’t allow their clients any discounts. Though I must say that prices turned out to be reasonable enough so discounts are not that necessary.

Trial order

I’ve ordered a usual essay without too complicated topics, but my writer didn’t manage to fulfill it correctly. Despite I ordered the paper of a college level I received something much closer to the school level of writing.

If you need a complex work and you hope to get good marks, you shouldn’t address this writing service. It is for the students who don’t care about their grades. My essay had a cost of about $16 per page. It would be ok for a college level writing, but not for a school one.

writemyessayonline.com reviews

As to the customer service it is said that it operates in the schedule of 24/7. In general, thy really work like that. But since the policy of the company is built on direct contact between  writers and customers, the consultants of the service will not be able to help you. I felt really sorry that they didn’t explain me what I should do if my writer doesn’t care I am trying to contact him.

As a result I’ve got a poor-quality paper without any attention either from my writer or from the customer support of the company.


The positive feature of the company is only one: they have a really interesting blog.

All the other features are completely negative:

  1. Low level of writing.
  2. Not comfortable web-design.
  3. Not effective customer service.
  4. The testimonials are fake.

I would advise “Write My Essay Online” only to those users who don’t care about their grades and results they receive. There are a lot of more professional writing services who can offer papers in the more or less same price level. If you ever had any other experience with this service you are welcome to share it in comments.




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