If you ask adults what was the best period in their life, what would they say? No doubts, that 9 from 10 respondents will describe their student life. Is it surprise for you? Of course no, because youth is followed by excellent impressions, traveling, new people, etc. But it is only one side of student life. Being student also means to visitlectures, execute difficult tasks, and pass exams. All these steps should be done on the highest level if you aspire to get a diploma.

Don’t think that hard studying will ruin your personal life. If you can use special services then you will never have problems with any paper work. And 1Custompapers.com represents one of such companies that can make your life easier. It is a medium team, which consists of more than 500 authors. In this 1Custompapers review each student will clear up has he enough budget to pay experienced writers and do their papers worth fixed price. I dividedits advantages and disadvantages to 2 main blocks.

Lots of guarantees

Company have quite simple but usable website. I find out an interesting statistics there. The 1Custompapers insists the team has got not bad average quality score –9 out 10. It’s not excellent but quite normal. Besides, there are 501 free authors right now that can start working with you. So believe that you wouldn’t feel lack of attention here.

But a piece of information scares us. There are 97.51% of orders delivered on time, but some of them weren’t ready on schedule. It’s not so important, but who would like to be in those 2.49 per cent of clients? So if you are afraid of having your paper at time you may seek for another variant. Customers with urgent tasks should definitely find another writing company.

Also 1Custompapers.com guarantees that you can have refunds if something goes wrong. This is useful option, but try not to have such situation. For instance, if your professor decided your paper is not good enough you may have troubles in the future. It also can cause your expulsion if someone finds out your paper is not really yours. Notice, that ordering paper is legal, but most professors consider it is cheating.



The cheapest paper will cost $10 per one page (if it is not urgent and client can wait for 14 days). Here are several tasks that are ordered more often as usual:

  1. – Most popular are papers for current students of 1-2 years. The pricing for them begins with $14 if you can wait 14 days and ends with $34 that can be finished in 8 hours.
  2. – Also you may order papers for masters’ level. The pricing for such work is the highest and starts with $22-$29 per one page. Notice, that company can perform essay in all paper formats (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian), so students from any educational establishment order their papers here.

Here is also a good benefit for clients. They are able to pay for papers in several installments and receive their task in parts. It will ensure them that 1Custompapers.com doesn’t cheat on people. In conclusion notice that the pricing is a little higher than the average, especially if I think about the order delivering. But in general the fees of 1Custompapers are affordable for students in high school or college.

A small warning

Several people may be afraid that it is illegal to use 1Custompapers.com services. I am hurry up to dispel their doubts. Ordering any kind of papers is not prohibited by government or exact people. It is totally legal to pay for essay as to pay for Coca-Cola or car washing.

But here is another side of this issue. All colleges and universities believe that only student should do all tasks by himself. And any try to get a help is strictly followed. So if you are going to use 1Custompapers.com services don’t be too naive to speak out loud about yourpapers.It is quite better to keep this information in secret. This company may ensure customers in everything they want to hear just to motivate them to make an order, but each client should think with cold heart.

This company is not young, but has medium experience. I can say it is the best of the best. Although the pricing is a little higher than an average the general services deserves improvement. It may be a critical factor for students because they are short of money. But if you have enough time and budget ask this company for help.





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