To tell the truth, as a working student I always have no time for writing essays and papers, that’s why I have enough experience dealing with different writing services. My favorite services are the ones where I have an option of choosing a writer, and where the price depends on the terms and academic subject. But I should confess that such system has both its pros and cons like any other service. Below you can read my EssayShark review. I like this service because it meets my requirements, and I had rather positive experience cooperating with these guys. They do almost all types of academic papers, including creative writing. The list of papers include: essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation, articles, etc.

Pricing policy

The service is trying to lead a positive pricing policy. Placing your order, you will need to bid. After bidding you will know the final cost of your paper. So, I’ll give you step-by-step instruction how I worked with Essay Shark service.

  1. I filled in information about my order and informed writers that I’m looking for the specialist.
  2. Writers start bidding for my order. You are free to talk to them, check their education and working experience. You can also see the style of writing of each writer. Comments from the customers who used the service of this writer are also available. If you like everything, you accept the offer of the writer you like. During the process of performance of your order you can stay in touch with the writer and discuss all the issues. I went through all this process and moved to the final step.
  3. When my paper was delivered, I accepted it, paid the fee. After checking the work I evaluated the writer’s job.

EssayShark review

This is basically the process of ordering and getting your order done at EssayShark. I have to admit the website has a disadvantage – you must to spend some time looking for the writer. You need to be attentive and check all the information about the author you are going to work with. Ask for some examples of their work, look for feedbacks from other customers.
Let’s back to the price issue. The company states that their prices are one of the lowest at the market. Moreover, you don’t have to make any prepayments. From my experience, I can say that the prices are not the lowest ones, the minimum fee is around 15.5 dollars for one page. Surely the price varies from some factors: the level of difficulty of your work, your deadline, and other factors. So you should take it into account before making an order.


First of all, let’s start from guarantees. Everybody wants to work with the company, which gives guarantees, and I am not an exception. I checked that the writing company gives a refunding guarantee. But I still recommend reading all the terms of the guarantee. As I have said above, you are not required to make any prepayment. But you can return your money right after the delivery of your order, before you download it. You have to check everything right after delivery. Let’s hope it won’t happen, but you may find mistakes or typos in the text, or its structure or formatting may be incorrect. So keep your eyes open and follow instructions!
Secondly, the company has confidentiality and privacy policy. Remember that these categories are different. To be sure you understand everything you should read the terms of both on their website.

So let’s shortly analyze pros and cons of this writing service:
+ There is a mobile version of the service. So, it gives students additional opportunities to solve their academic issues right from mobile gadgets. I’m doing the same, so this option is of a high importance for me!
+ The website also has a blog. You can find writing tips, informative articles, and essay samples in the blog. I can not say that the information you will find there will help you solve all the issued with written assignments. The company also holds writing contest and publishes its results monthly.
– Customer support team, is not very responsive. If you have an account on the website, you can use round-the-clock chat to contact the operators. If you don’t have an account, you can contact them via email. There are no phone numbers to contact the support service operators. The company has the accounts in several social networks, but I doubt you will get any help by contacting them in social media.

Quality and Delivery

When I decided to make a trial order to Essay Shark service, honestly saying, I was in a hurry. I needed to complete 3-pages essay as soon as possible, so I didn’t pay too much attention for choosing the writer and I didn’t even communicate with the applicants. That was my mistake. As to the writing process, everything went well and I didn’t need to control the process too much. As a result I got a bad mark for that essay because of the grammar mistakes. Of course, I had complaints and applied to customer service. Now I understand that maybe if you use the website constantly you find certain permanent writers, you rely on. But surely you need to spend some time for communicating with applicants, reading reviews etc. to find “your” writer.
Delivery in this situation was perfect. As I needed it as soon as possible, I received my order very fast. Meeting deadline is extremely important in this situation, because it makes the client calm. So Essay Shark proved its reliability and now I’m sure that I’ll receive my order in time.

Online Reputation

Before ordering from this service, I’ve read a lot of reviews in Internet and I was completely disorientated! I have never met so many totally positive and totally negative reviews online, so I couldn’t be sure which of them were true and which are false. I agree to people, who are writing that this service have only foreign writers and that is why the quality of papers are often very poor (Unfortunately, I proved it by myself), but the prices are relatively cheap (in comparison with other writing services). I also want to believe that the people, who were satisfied with their orders, just found “their” writers.


So summarizing all written above, if you don’t mind wasting your time in search of “your” writer you can try to cooperate with In my case, I made a mistake not paying attention to choice of a writer and I hoped for lower price of course. But I noticed also pros of this service, which were also important for me (like delivery for instance). That’s why I would give 5 scores out of 10. If you really need the paper of the highest quality, try another service and don’t search for the cheapest price.




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