has a usual website with no special qualities. I wanted to check reputation of the service in social media but they don’t have too many visitors. Their Facebook page has only 200 of followers and Twitter has les than 20 of them. I was somewhat surprised as they publish a lot of various contents, but so few people begin to follow them. So the only way was to check it on my own. Read the review below and decide whether you want to use it.

General Impression

The design didn’t impress me much. The photos seemed to be chosen in a random way. They just show people with different devices. I didn’t like the logo of the studio. Those two leaves looked as if they trade with vegetables, but not with written papers. reviewThe service has a standard list of documents they prepare. You can order any articles, essays, plans, studies, assignments and so on. The guarantees they provide include native English writers and custom-written papers without plagiarism.

The testimonials published on the website have been so positive that I doubt a little bit that they are real. Only one of them contained information about small revisions but the major part of the comments were perfect.

I should mention that the company has those parts of the website I am always glad to see. This is their blog and even a bloc with infographics. The articles are more or less usual, both educational and theoretic. And as to infographics, it was quite curios to look it through. They chose quite good topics and I only regret there was not much of such contents.

One more good thing the service has is a bloc of samples and a bloc of FAQ. Students can know a lot after looking through such parts. They can both see samples of the papers and read the answers for the most popular questions.

Price Level

The company includes a detailed pricing system which can assure you various services with different prices and with different additional functions.  The prices are provided into undergraduate, bachelor, professional, and admission help degrees and into degrees of writing from a scratch, editing or proofreading, questions of the multiple choice and solving the problems. If we consider the writing services, the lowest price was $10 in 14 days, the professional level had the highest price of $48 per 3 hours. And the admission help varied between $38 and $113, depending on the period.

If you want to get a discount with the first order you can use a promotional code which gives you 7% reduction.

Trial order

The paper I receive had more middle quality, but it was acceptable. The writer was late for two days. If I had to submit the paper urgently I would be late. The writer informed me that he needed more time right on the date when he was supposed to submit the order. Can you imagine me going to my professor and telling the same? Nobody would accept my writing with a delay.

I should admit that the paper didn’t need to be revised. It was not of the highest level, but it contained all the necessary ideas and statements so I really could use it as a ready paper. Thus, you can always leave some time before the actual deadline to be sure that your writing will be ready. But in most of the cases you will have to spend more money for payment. reviews

Since I was in such situation I contacted the customer service for several times. They used to say one and the same thing: the writer needs more time for working. I must admit that the service recalculated my price and returned me the difference for being late. Maybe if I refused from waiting they would make me a 100% money return, I cannot be sure, but I appreciate even partial return of money.


As to the advantages, they have:

  1. They produce average level of writing, which may be considered as appropriate for some students.
  2. Their prices are affordable enough.
  3. The service publishes its blog, infographics, samples and FAQs.

As to the disadvntages:

  1. Their website is too simple.
  2. The paper has been done with a delay.

I cannot say that I recommend this writing service to all the students. But if you have some money, enough of time for waiting and if you don’t care about your final grades, you can order your writing in Fresh Essays for a try. It may not be perfect but it would be enough at least to submit your debt.




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