The writing service has quite ordinary design, although it may be quite enough for such website. The service added lots of text and I doubt that someone will read it. Who would read this all in a run for an urgent writing? But as to important things, they are not so noticeable. As well as many other similar services, they promise to prepare original papers and provide complete additional support. Let’s see the review and decide whether students can address it.

General Impression

EssayLab reviewThe service is quite young. They don’t have so many clients who would discuss their services so actively. The service represents themselves as well-experienced professionals but they are quite far away from that level yet. It can be understood even from the text of the website.

I understand that it must be difficult to find a good name for the writing service but as to it sounds as if they specialize on essays only. Nevertheless, their menu includes many other services such as reports, presentations, research papers, dissertations and  others.

The service works with high school, college and doctoral levels. They also provide editing and formatting services and work with business documents.

As to the guarantees, the service provides complete confidentiality, financial safety, high quality of work, quick delivery, and guarantee of money return. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any detailed descriptions of their terms and conditions. This is a great minus for the company as you don’t understand what rights you have.

Price Level

The lowest price for academic writing is $16,5 and the highest one is $44,2. The company also offers a number of services free of charge, for example a free plagiarism report or free e-mail delivery.

What I didn’t like is that the service has a blurred deadline. The shortest can continue from 3 to 23 hours. It means that if you have to pass your writing tomorrow it may be not ready in due time but the service will take money as if it was an urgent service.

As to the discounts, the service allows them only to certain clients. This is right as it is written on the website but who knows what it means. You can only guess which amount of money you should leave there to get a discount. reviews

Trial order

I ordered a trial order. It was an essay. When I received it I was really disappointed. I didn’t expect that writing service can prepare a paper with such a number of mistakes. As to the essay body it was too simple for a college level. I am not sure whether such level of writing would be appropriate even for a school. Should I say that it contained no sense?

I should say that customer service helped me a lot in this case. They made all they could to solve the problem. Obviously the problem was in my writer. Nevertheless, he corrected only his grammar mistakes in the essay. I still couldn’t show submit it to my college professor.


The company has several advantages, such as:

  1. Long list of writing services.
  2. Good customer support.

But they have too much of disadvantages, such as:

  1. Not professional writers.
  2. Blurred periods of writing periods in the schedule.
  3. Problems with punctuality.
  4. Their terms and conditions are not specified.

This is a rare case when I cannot recommend the service of Essay Lab at all. I could accept any of their disadvantages if only they provided a good paper. Unfortunately, they did the opposite thing. If you had any good experience with this writing service, then leave a comment, please. It can be useful for other users.




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