Below we suggest you reading the Edusson review. This is one of the newest writing services. It has a new approach in forming services and prices for them. Edusson provides all the standard writing for the students of different levels. Thus, they suggest academic, custom and creative writing. But that’s far not all the services. They also suggest writing help with different assignments, help with homework, proofreading and editing. If you need webinars about writing skills or if you search for the free text editor, you are also welcome on their website.

The level of prices

To find details about prices you need to fill in information about the paper you need. There are two ways to check the price on this website. The first one gives you this opportunity with the help of the calculator. You indicate the type of the paper and the deadline and see the approximate price. The second one is more precise. You choose the “order” button and new tables appear on your screen. You should indicate the topic, volume and characteristics you prefer and the system will calculate you the final price of the writing.

It depends on the users which system of calculation they prefer. Some users prefer to see prices at once, but some of them really prefer a more individual approach to their tasks. In the long run, most of the prices will vary from $16 to $50. If you want to get the lower price, you should place your order so that the writer had a longer deadline and more time for working.


The guarantees of Edusson are quite standard.  They promise their clients the following features:

  1. 100% unique papers: no plagiarism is possible
  2. well-experienced writers: you will be able to choose them according to their portfolios
  3. privacy: all the information about the clients stays confidential

Customer Support

The customer support of the service operates constantly, 24/7. Operators reply quite quickly. Usually, they behave very nice. They do try to help you with your questions and they always stay polite. The window of the online chat is permanently present on your screen. And according to my experience, you will not have to wait for long as they reply almost at once.


Additional pros and cons

I was glad to see some samples of their writing. By the way, they were given with references. I wish there were more samples given, but anyway I’m grateful at least for that number.

As to other advantages, I liked the part of their website called “Secrets of Writer Service. Student Help”. It is not a classical blog. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful for the students as writers of the service share their experience in writing and give students quite good and useful tips.

Trial order

My trial order, an essay in Marketing, was completed successfully. I asked the writer to make some slight changes after I received it. I just wanted to check if the service is ready to communicate further, after the writing is ready. The writer agreed to make changes without any problems. The topic of the essay was quite complex, but it didn’t prevent the writer to make a good job. The text contained a number of reasonable ideas, it was well-structured and there were no mistakes. I could hardly believe that I was so lucky. If you have ever had any other experience with this service, please, comment under the post.


As a result of this order, I was rather content as I received a really good trial order. In general I liked the website as it contained lots of useful information and it was very easy-to-use. If you want to try a new service, I would recommend you to go to the But be careful and check what they have prepared for you. It might happen that I was simply lucky to get a good writing.




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