Affordable papers is a popular writing service company which provides clients with a wide range of different papers for the assistance purposes. This is a London-based service with native speaker writers. Let’s study their activities in details. Below you will find the AffordablePaper review.

The main services

The company operates mostly to help students of high schools and colleges, but it can also be useful for   the university students. The company provides various creative writing, academic assignments, dissertations and theses. By the way, clients can order not the complete thesis or dissertation, but just a part of it too.  Except working on the students’ tasks, the company also works with certain business requirements. It can prepare such business papers as a business plan or a report, for example.

The level of prices

To calculate the price of the writing you will need to choose the academic level and the period of working for the writer. There are three levels of complexity and the length of working for the writer varies from 8 hours to 1 month. Of course, you should keep in mind that some exclusions are possible. Thus, school students cannot inquire for such a period of writing as a month. And a part of the dissertation also cannot be written in 8 hours. Let’s see the scheme of prices in details.

  • school level: from $22 for 8 hours to $9 for 14 days
  • college level: from $25 for 8 hours to $11 for 14 days
  • university level: from $32 for 8 hours to $14 for a month

All the prices are represented in dollars, but you can choose your currency when you order the bill for payment. It doesn’t seem to be very convenient as if you pay in euro or pounds, you have to constantly convert all the amounts to understand the exact amount.

If we compare these prices to the ones of some other writing services, AffordablePapers suggests quite a reasonable level.


The writing service provides a wide number of the guarantees. They are below:

  1. Money back guarantee
  2. Unique papers without plagiarism
  3. Revision policy
  4. Privacy policy

It also should be mentioned that the company has Terms and Conditions of cooperation with them. You can read them in details before you place your order and understand whether they suit you.  Usually, this is a sign of more or less reputable company.

affordablepapers reviewCustomer Support

You can contact customer support of the service via the phone number, online chat or email. It is indicated on the website that it is available around the clock, at least it has such a sign, but if you look for further details you will find out that it doesn’t work on Sundays. Actually, such schedule is rather strange for the writing service as numerous orders obviously must come from the weekend days.

Additional pros and cons

As to the advantages, the service suggests using their plagiarism checker. It may be comfortable to use it, but, frankly, there is nothing special.

A useful thing for all the future clients is a FAQ page. Just read replies for the most standard questions which users usually have and don’t waste your time for the contact with the customer support.

At first sight, I was glad to see that the company has a blog.  It mostly contains articles about different kinds of written tasks which may be rather useful for the clients. Unfortunately soon I was negatively surprised: new articles of the blog are published too rarely. The latest one was dated by 2013 year. So students will hardly know lots of new information from there.

Affordable Papers published some testimonials of their clients. Of course, they are all absolutely positive so I hardly believe them. The complete absence of negative comments is impossible as for me.

I regret that the service doesn’t show samples of their works as they are always more informative than any descriptions. Looking them through you can understand writer’s possibilities much better than you can imagine from any description.

Trial order

For a trial order I asked to write an essay of the university level. As to the period of writing, I chose 3 days so that the author had the time to think it over well enough.  The result I received would be acceptable for the college, but if I passed it to the university tutor I wouldn’t get a high grade. I would say that it was not bad, middle level.


You can receive good services from the if you study in a high-school or college but there is no guarantee that it will prepare really appropriate writing for the university. To be sure that you pay for high-quality writing services you should search among the services which cooperate with universities as their major direction. You can look through some other reviews of our service and find the most appropriate company for you.




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