СustomEssayWriter.co.uk is not really popular website among the students as it has unbelievably high prices and not the most appropriate list of services. I’ve received an average essay from them and it was obvious for me that it should have been much cheaper. Maybe you will find this service better than I did, but I doubt about that. Read below my CustomEssayReview.co.uk review and decide whether it’s up to you or not.

General Impression

I didn’t find anything interesting in their website. It has lots of the text nobody is going to read, plain pictures of the website and no infographics. I didn’t find anything curious at all.

customessaywriter.co.uk reviewWhen you look through the company’s offer you understand that it was done for SEO research. Why didn’t they use the text for this purpose? In the menu of services such points as “write my essay” look at least strange and don’t give any information to the possible client.
You can find a good menu of services only in the table of prices. It actually includes al the necessary types of papers any student may need. As additional services it includes  editing, proofreading, formatting and even non-word assignments. I didn’t like they have paraphrasing as a separate part of their services. I think that writing services cannot include such types of work in their offer. How can custom-writing be connected with paraphrasing? If you understand what I mean.

As for guarantees, this company provides original papers without any plagiarism, due-time delivery, reasonable prices (as they say), permanent contact and assistance.

I have found another curious offer. The company offers you to pay for placing your work in the top of the orders. Thus, it will be among the first papers which will get its writers. As for me this kind of service only proves that all the service is not reliable. Placing the order you indicate the deadline and the company must respect it or refuse writing for you at once. Any other requests to pay attention to my work seem to be stupid.

Price Level

All the prices are represented in pounds. I think this is unprofessional. People from different countries can incline to different currencies. Usually the prices are represented in at least several currencies for the client’s choice. The most moderate price of the lowest quality and with the longest period of writing equal to 10 days, amounts to $13. Then the price raises up to $114. This is a Master’s level of knowledge with the shortest period of writing equal to 3 hours. But these prices are not the most shocking. The service takes $36,6 per page even for paraphrasing. Even if you have never dealt with this question I think you should understand that describing something in different words cannot cost as if people make the most original custom-writing paper for you.

If you want to get a price allowance on your first order you should contact the consultants. They can grant you a promo code to get an allowance. You will not find it on the website.

customessaywriter.co.uk reviews


Trial Order

My trial order was an essay for an ordinary topic. It was written not too bad but it didn’t contain any references for scientists or authors of various ideas. Although it was a necessary condition. The writer told me several names which were relevant to the writing but I didn’t find any appropriate references for them so I suppose these names have been simply invented, just to tell me something.

Since I received the result with the partially fulfilled terms of my order I addressed a customer service with a requirement to make improvements. First, I had to wait for a week. The consultants told me that someone was supposed to approve my request. When my writer was at last applied to make revisions he didn’t add any references as I asked. Instead he simply deleted those parts of the text which required references. As a result I didn’t receive what I needed even after revisions.


The company has plenty of disadvantages:

  1. The writing has an average quality.
  2. The prices are too high.
  3. There is no blog, samples or other components of the site which might interest the clients.

As you can see from my review, Custom Essay Writer is not the best writing service I have ever tried. I cannot find any advantages they could suggest to their customers. I didn’t manage to get the paper I needed even after contact with the customer service. If you want to try you are welcome but I would suggest choosing more reliable companies.